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We are delighted to announce that the youth soccer players of Cercle Brugge will participate in our 3-year scientific research project. The aim of this study is to examin the Action Type movement styles, the quality of the jaw occlusion and wearing or not wearing orthodontic braces do have positive or negative influences on body’s balance  and the risk of muscle, tendon and capsular lesions.

This research project is important as it will contribute to the performance development. In addition, the young soccer players will benefit from this project. Firstly because body’s  balance will be measured. If the balance is slightly off, exercises will be needed to decrease the risk of injuries and to improve achievements. Secondly because the type of Action Types movement will be set. This interaction is important for the taxability of the soccer players.

Cercle Brugge KSV (called Cercle for short) is a Belgian professional soccer club which plays in the Proximus league. The mission of the youth department is to make sure a big part of the Belgian youth will be able to get a decent and responsible sport education, so it can maximize its chances to reach the highest level of soccer. We are looking forward to contribute to the mission of this club with our research project.