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SumDental diagnostics for athletes & Scientific research

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Suffering from (re)injuries? Your dental status and/or your jaw closure could be the cause

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Science-based research is the starting point in our diagnostics


Dental problems lead to loss of condition and costs medals

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We help sports clubs and individual athletes all over the world to become injury-free and to get back on track by monitoring occlusopostural and odontogenic status as well as individual injury susceptibility.


We specialize in screening top-level athletes for specific dental and occlusal (SumDental) problems that may affect the entire musculoskeletal system and cause increased risk of injury.

Science-based research

We use science-based research to obtain an accurate assessment of the hidden detrimental factors relating to SumDental problems. For this reason we conduct a lot of research in these related areas.

On-location screening

Our team can perform the screening at any location or club. Any dental x-rays can be taken on the spot. No need to go to a dentist first. Therefore the costs for research will be much lower.


Dental and TMJ problems can have great influence on the musculoskeletal system and on performance development.  Also, our scientific research shows that these problems involve increased risk of (re)injury. Healthy teeth are important, but there may be hidden health issues in the dental and TMJ status the dentist is unable to detect. These hidden issues may be the cause of your injury problems.

Research shows that as many as 7 out of 10 athletes with (multiple) injuries actually suffer from periodontitis. Therefore, if no medical cause can be found, it is important to examine the dental status for hidden killers like infections (silent inflammation), impacted wisdom teeth and various restorations in the mouth.

Other aspects need to be examined like jaw clenching, teeth grinding and malocclusion, which have also shown a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system, on balance and therefore on performance.



muscle injuries

Three out of five players with poor oral health (having at least 2 of these 3 problems: periodontitis, restoration work or root canals) have had multiple muscle injuries. This is twice as many as players with good oral health.

muscle cramps

One out of three players with poor oral health regularly suffers from muscle cramps. This is 2.5 times more than players with good oral health.

Orthodontic Braces

Two out of five young soccer players (age 12-18) who wore orthodontic braces for more than three months have severe balancing problems. This is twice as many as youngsters that have never had any orthodontic braces.

muscle injuries concerning junior players

Nearly half of the junior players with one or more SumDental problems have had muscle injuries. Again, this is twice as many as players without SumDental problems.


Source: Sportsinjurylab research among football players


"… During my time at Real Mallorca I regularly suffered from recurrent hamstring injuries and pain in my lower back. Therefore, I was screened by SportsInjuryLab and my dental status and temporomandibular joint were tested. The status of my wisdom teeth and a TMJ disorder appeared to affect my entire musculoskeletal system. After removal of my wisdom teeth and after having used a training orthodontic retainer, I have been injury-free and I have felt fit for nearly two years…"

Gianni ZuiverloonProfessional football player

"I am very happy with the diagnostic findings and practical recommendations of SportsInjuryLab. Guided by the scientific research of sports injury susceptibility, I think that the Sports Injury Risk Indicator (SIRI) is an important pillar supporting the coach and the medical staff in modern professional soccer."

Marc BrysFormer trainer KV Mechelen

"Injury predictors: sports injuries leave traces... SportsInjuryLab will find them before they find you..."

Steffen ErnemannDanish professional football player

"You cannot prevent what you're not aware of. Therefore I (and the entire sports-medical department of KRC GENK) was very interested in cooperating within the research project of SportsInjuryLab. We received the fact that we were able to decrease sports injury susceptibility by these new insights with open arms."

Dr. Stijn IndeherbergeHead Medical Staff KRC Genk

"With every sports injury examination, the dental status must not be overlooked. Subclinical granulomas, silent inflammation (osteitis) or any other dental problem often correlates with locomotor problems resulting e.g. in articular and (soft tissue) musculo-tendinous (re)injuries. Comprehensive dental examination can have a major added value in causal clinical orthopaedics and sports medical domain."

Prof. dr. Luc Vanden BosschePhysical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Sports Medicine, Ghent University Hospital

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